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We like to make sure our current and future customers and friends know what is happening within the Power Modules organization. That being the case we've included below a few of the most recent events of interest, hoping you will also find them to be worthy of your consideration. 

  • PMI  "Plastic Machinery Innovators" Now Offers "Infrastructure Restoration" for Processors

          Flat Panel 14-2

Have Injection, Blow Molding, Extrusion, or Thermoforming Machines that are "vintage" machines, five, ten or up to twenty years old? Want to keep them around a few more years, but having issues with poor temperature controls, high scrap rates, lack of fast response controllers, hampered by mercury contactors, or even worse, mechanical relays giving inconsistent results, unable to cycle fast enough to give you the close temperature control needed by today's sensitive and expensive plastic resins? Plastic Machinery Innovators, the PMI retrofit/restoration group, can replace old technology with new, and get your older machinery back in the "accuracy zone" without forcing you to spend a ton of money to get there.

PMI is very pleased to offer the right hardware to put your machinery back on track, everything from SSR or SCR power controls to Watlow new technology EZ PM or RM temperature controllers with on-board standard bus communications.
We can retrofit your equipment such that your new heating systems will reliably hold process settings within less that 2 degrees F of setpoint, virtually eliminating process temperature variance as a factor in your production process. PMI can also provide full system data collection to satisfy the most stringent quality control standards, as well as current reporting requirements for medical molding, and the requirements of most government regulatory agencies now intruding ever more intensely in our various businesses.
With remote Industrial PCs or integrated Flat Panel Touch Screen Controls, PMI offers 100% monitoring and logging of every measureable process parameter, with a log interval as small as one second, available as a turn-key package for a truly minimal investment.
Our Upgrades always include our best  energy saving options that will have you seeing, and saving, green!

  • PMI "Plastic Machinery Innovators" Introduces  Energy Saving Retrofit Systems

Recognizing the rising cost of power being experienced by our Plastics Industry clients, and calling upon our many years of experience in energy conservation projects, PMI has developed a retrofit system, the "PMI Heat-Capture Conversion" that has been demonstrated to improve energy efficiency for injection molders, extrusion lines, and blow molding operations in the range of 25% to 50%, compared to conventional heater bands in those applications. The PMI Heat Capture Systems are individually designed to maximize the efficiency of the machines on which they are installed, but we can say that they  generally include replacement of existing band heaters with PMI Systems high efficiency heaters, plus the installation of custom designed and built insulation modules that prevent heat loss and direct heat flow to the process and away from plant personnel and the production floor.

PMI also has the capability to measure the "before and after" energy consumption of the machines being converted to Green Machines, to demonstrate the actual, real-world, cash going to the bottom line, savings these systems deliver. Investment recovery on these systems is typically in the 8 to 14 months time frame for equipment in full production use, and subsequent to the recovery of the initial investment the revenue flow is all positive, since these systems require little to no maintenance, and the bulk of the savings are being derived from passive energy conservation.

Systems that cost nothing, are up to 75% passive, and continue to save money as long as they are simply left in place as you run your injection machine, extruder, or blow molder?  And you are not on the phone or at the email contacting your PMI sales engineers about this concept because??????????????????????

  • Power Modules Becomes an Energy Star Partner
    As part of our ongoing interest in helping our process heating clients save energy, PMI has completed the application and evaluation steps required by the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, and has been named an Energy Star Partner Company.
  • As an Energy Star Partner, PMI can be instrumental in helping clients to reach their goals of reduced energy use without loss of production efficiency. Many times retrofitting existing machinery can eliminate the need for new equipment.
  • With over 35 years experience with process heating and temperature control systems, PMI has the expertise needed to address the complex issues of energy cost reduction, improved environmental impact, and maintenance of productivity in a challenging business and ecological environment. We have the tools and training to conduct thorough energy surveys, discover excess consumption instances, and assist in recovery of costs both from improved use of power and utilization of public funds grants available to  manufacturers who make the transition to "Green Facilities"
  • Power Modules Adds Energy Monitoring Product Line

Following in the energy conservation tradition long established at Power Modules, the Company has become a distributor for a  truly innovative line of power monitoring meters and instruments that can assist manufacturers, building managers, and concerned individuals in determining their actual cost of operation of key equipment at their manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or offices. The Conzerv products can monitor individual equipment units or an entire plant floor, and read all voltages from house power to commercial 3 phase four wire circuits to 600VAC.


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