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Know any other process heating solutions providers, or heater distributors who are Energy Star Partners? Wouldn't it make good sense to work with a Company that can actually SAVE you money on process heating solutions?

Our customers have access to a comprehensive line of ENERGY SAVING heaters, sensors, controllers, and many other components which are necessary to  minimize costly downtime.
As an Energy Savings Oriented Company we make it our mission to discover and offer to our customers a complete line of products that can effectively PAY FOR THEMSELVES in reduced energy consumption, while maintaining or improving your manufacturing performance.
Many of our products are so much better than standard products that perform the same function, that we can offer a money back guarantee of reduced operating cost.
Just contact us for one of our sales engineers to assist you in selecting the appropriate components.
We specialize in the design and engineering of efficient, energy saving process heaters and temperature controls.

We have the ability to design, engineer and manufacture products from the smallest sensor to process heaters to systems and control panels. Your specific requirements for state of art, high quality and cost effective industrial process heating applications can be handled quickly and efficiently.

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Engineering Energy Efficient  Solutions for your Process Heating Applications

Is your plastic processing equipment showing signs of age, less than perfect melt temperature control, increasing heater failures?

PMI can retrofit most plastic processing equipment with improved controls, more efficient heaters, and make your older equipment rival the performance of a new machine at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Many of our systems pay for themselves in reduced energy cost and better performance, becoming revenue-neutral in less than a year, and contributing real green to your bottom line after that. Ask about our Guaranteed payback forecast, and money back guarantees.

EZ-ZONE™Integrated Thermal Loop

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EZ-ZONE Integrated Thermal LoopAccurate temperature control reduces manufacturing costs! We engineer systems to upgrade conventional controls with the new Watlow EZ Zone family of controllers. Watlow's EZ-ZONE™ PM controller extends the integrated control loop functions first introduced in the EZ-ZONE ST integrated controller to the popular 1/32 and 1/16 DIN panel mount package sizes. Watlow's EZ-ZONE PM controller offers solutions to reduce system complexity and lower the cost of control loop ownership. You can configure the EZ-ZONE PM as a discrete PID controller with adaptive tuning, as a discrete, agency approved, over/under limit controller, or as an integrated control loop solution by combining the PID functionality, over/under limit functionality and high amperage NO-ARC power switching output in a single panel mount package. Watlow's new EZ-ZONE ST integrated thermal loop solid state controller also offers complete thermal system control in a single package solution. You get a PID temperature controller already connected to a high amperage solid state relay with the option of adding a properly sized heat sink, an over/under temperature limit, a shut-down power contactor, digital communications and a remote user interface in one complete and professionally engineered product. Significant reductions in thermal loop installation costs are realized when the limit control function and the power switching function are integrated into a single panel mount package. Having a less crowded panel, fewer wiring connections, fewer discrete components and better thermal loop monitoring with error reporting are all benefits to the user. Watlow's EZ-ZONE controllers decrease design and assembly time, require less panel space, minimize system complexity and best of all, lower the total cost of ownership. Because these products are modular and scalable, you only pay for what you need. You can order the EZ-ZONEs in multiple configurations giving you the flexibility to standardize on the product platform to solve your wide range of application needs. EZ-ZONE features include RoHS compliance by design, TRU-TUNE™+ adaptive control and a variety of industrial communication protocols including EIA 485, EIA 232, Ethernet/IP™ or Modbus® TCP.



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Controls Systems on Your Process Equipment More than 5 years old?


Having issues with process settings, control accuracy and resulting increased scrap rates?


Trying to improve data collection and logging to respond to recent new QC reporting requirements?


Contact us for economical process control upgrades that will save you money and time, and improve both part quality and production speeds.




PMI Is Your One Best Source For ENERGY SAVING Process Heat Solutions. Check the Other PMI Pages That Offer Energy Saving Solutions to YOUR Manufacturing Problems. Energy Savings, Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs. Going GREEN with PMI (Green) not Only Helps You Make a Contribution To Improving the Environment, but at the same time saves you cold hard cash. Real Green.


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A heat seal bar on a packaging machine is basically a piece of rectangular steel with two holes. There is one through the middle to accommodate a heater and a second, smaller hole for a sensor to measure the temperature of the bar. Assuming the bar is heated using a standard heater, would you have even heat across the total length of the bar?
To get the answer to this question and other tips, click here.


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