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  • VariVolt




A rugged, efficient, energy-saving power control for a wide selection of electrical applications. Its use increases production efficiency.

  • Low Cost

  • Small Size

  •  Wide temperature Range 08 to 858 C

  • Simple Two Wire Installation


#1002B 120V 10 AMP

#1004B 240V 10 AMP

The Varivolt Control is a thick-film, hybrid integrated power circuit that regulates power to load, by changing the phase angle of the applied AC voltage. It uses only the current required to carry the load without waste. In operation, the unit behaves like a variable transformer, but at far less cost.

# 2504    110/240 VAC 25 AMP

#1002B 10 Amp, 1.2Kw @ 120 VAC

#1004B 10 Amp, 2.4Kw @ 240 VAC

#2504B 25 Amp, 3Kw @ 120 VAC

#2504B 25 Amp, 6Kw @ 240 VAC

#404BX 40 Amp, 4.8Kw @ 120 VAC

#404BX 40 Amp, 9.6Kw @ 240 VAC

#404BX    120/240V 40 AMP






















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