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Sustainability Programs

- PMI Energy Survey Services Program for Manufacturers -

  • PMI (Green) Energy Survey Team
    Since PMI (Green) has as its mission the reduction of energy costs for our clients, the Company has become expert at determining what needs to be done to accomplish such savings, and has applied the knowledge to the establishment of the PMI Energy Survey, a service made available to all our heating systems clients.
  • Given the 35 years of experience PMI has in dealing with process heat solutions, controls, systems, and energy cost/benefits analysis, the Company is uniquely qualified to advise manufacturers on equipment, controls, methods, and processes that can be used to reduce energy costs, improve the client's standing in the community as regards environmental issues, and reduce cost of goods produced at the same time. PMI can provide energy survey services, consult on cost reduction strategies, and assist manufacturers in reducing overall energy costs. Our "ECRS" (Energy Cost Reduction Survey) program can get you community recognition, improve your workplace environment, and best of all, return some "green" to your bottom line at the same time. Following the cost savings imperative that the Company adheres to, the initial consultation on the "ECRS" program is free, and most recommended products will be of the revenue neutral category as well. Some clients actually make more profit as a result of this PMI program.
  • Our "ECRS" program can get you community recognition, improve your workplace environment, and best of all, return some "green" to your bottom line at the same time. Following the cost savings imperative that the Company adheres to, the initial consultation on the "ECRS" program is free, and most recommended products will be of the revenue neutral category as well. Some clients actually make more profit from their operations as a result of this PMI program.

              - Thermal Process Engineering Services - 

 Thermal Systems Analysis, Troubleshooting, Retrofits, Repairs

Our Highly trained and experienced Thermal Process Experts can be your Engineering Services arm to diagnose      problems and recommend solutions for any and all thermal control and process heating systems, allowing your in-house personnel to concentrate on their primary functions. There is no need for you and your technical services personnel to waste time and money “re-inventing the wheel”.  Our Thermal Process Engineering experts can provide the best solutions, and the best repair or retrofit hardware and systems, at competitive prices with no interruption to the normal production functions of your key personnel. Your manufacturing people can focus on manufacturing while we provide the additional technical expertise needed to bring your processes up to maximum efficiency.

Contact PMI’s “Green Team” for Details on Getting More Green To Your Bottom Line

II. Milacron Extrusion Systems -  ServTek Radiant Heating Retrofit Program for Plastic Extruders

  • PMI (Green) Energy Sustainability Aspects of the Product Line
    In the pursuit of its mission of reduction of energy costs for our clients, the Company has become associated with Milacron Extrusion Systems/Servtek in offering the unique Radiant heat conversion systems for plastic extruders available exclusively through the Company. This system is one of a select few that qualify for DOE/EPA and individual State sponsored rebate programs that subsidize a portion of the cost under these energy conservation programs. Installation of these patented heater conversion systems can reduce energy costs up to 50% compared to conventional heaters by reducing heat losses and inefficient heaters, help your facility reduce carbon footprint, earn rebates and incentives from State and Federal programs, and qualify your Company recognition as a "Green" energy conservationist organization. Following is an example of just one State's plan relating to energy conservation incentives, from which PMI and Milacron/Servtek have delivered significant rebates to our customers in that State, based upon our study of the programs available, and action to bring the savings directly to our clients.

See Details of this System below, After Energy Sponsorship Programs Information


III. State, Federal, and Local Energy Conservation Sponsorships  Available to Purchasers of PMI "ECRS" Retrofit Systems

III-A - The New Jersey Smart Start Program

Application below is a sample of the official NJSS program application for manufacturers seeking State funding for energy conservation measures that qualify for these incentives. PMI can facilitate the process for our New Jersey clients.


This program returns to the applicant up to 80% of the cost of energy saving equipment installed in manufacturing facilities.

III-B - The Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program

wis energy

 Industrial Businesses

Industrial facilities have numerous opportunities to save money through energy efficiency. Focus on Energy provides technical expertise, training and financial incentives to help implement energy efficiency projects. Click here for an Industrial Summary of services and incentives.
Financial Incentives

·    Prescriptive Incentives
Prescriptive incentives are mail-in rebates for common energy-saving projects that incentives must be applied for after the project is completed.

·    Custom Incentives
Custom incentives require working with an energy advisor from the beginning to determine the potential value of the incentive based on the savings for a given project. Custom incentives must be applied for and approved before a project begins in order to qualify.

·    Competitive Incentives
From time to time, Focus will offer a special opportunity incentive, such as a Request for Proposal (RFP), where customers can request what they feel they need for a project. Financial need must be documented and proposals are selected on a competitive basis.

Technical Services

·    Direct Customer Support
Application assistance, third-party review and verification of energy savings estimates for proposed projects.

·    Education and Training Opportunities
Energy management and best practice courses.

·    Information Library
Fact sheets, case studies, tech sheets.

·    Find a contractor/vendor
Find additional outside services for your project.

Targeted Industry Support
In addition to general industrial services, we provide specialized best practice support for several key, energy-intensive Wisconsin industries. Click below for more information.

·    Food Processing

·    Metal Casting

·    Plastics

·    Pulp & Paper

·    Water & Wastewater

Wisconsin Industrial Energy Efficiency Map
Industrial facilities that have partnered with Focus on Energy on energy efficiency projects between 2001 and 2007. Download the maps to see where all 1,920 projects are located throughout the state.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions first.

Eligibility is based on your electric and gas utility providers. Also, you must be an owner, operator and/or resident of buildings with 4 or more units (condo owner associations are eligible). To determine your eligibility, use the Eligibility Tool to determine if you are served by a participating utility. If you are not, we encourage you to call your utility to see if they offer a similar program.

Renewable Energy
Looking for renewable energy for your industrial business, such as solar heat, solar PV, or wind? Visit our Renewable Energy Program for more details.

Need further assistance?
Call Focus on Energy at 800.762.7077 or email us at

The Application-Specific Wisconsin State Program that Benefits Our Customers:

The page below identifies the rebate program we were able to discover for our Wisconsin clients, whereby the investment they make in PMI GREEN energy conservation through the use of the Milacron/Servtek radiant heat conversion systems results in state tax incentives that can reach $500,000.00, based on the energy costs involved.

 Here is a Sustainability Program that returns to our clients: Reduced cost of Operations resulting in improved profits, State Tax Rebates, Green Facility Status, Reduced Corporate Carbon Footprint, plus the perception within the local community that your Company is working to improve the environment through energy conservation.

What we've done for Wisconsin clients, we can do for you. Contact PMI (Green) to find out how you can participate in our Sustainability Projects to benefit your Company. Most States have similar programs and there are also a number of Federal programs available through EPA and DOE that provide incentives for manufacturers' conservation efforts.

energy rebate

II- A - Details of The Milacron ServTek TCS Heater Retrofit System:

Extruders and injection molders live in a dilemma when it comes to controlling the temperature of the barrel. High energy costs of heating, high maintenance cost, especially of water cooling, slow response time and poor temperature control! The new Milacron TCS™, Thermal Control Solution, is a revolutionary heat and cool system for the barrels of your plastic extrusion or injection-molding machine that eliminates this dilemma! The radiant heaters are embedded into our high temperature ceramic insulation so all of the heat goes directly into the barrel making the heat cycle much more energy efficient and faster without having to maintain tight contact.

Cooling System: Our unique cooling system draws ambient air directly across the barrel for faster cooling. The system allows you to direct the waste hot air to enable you to heat your plant or keep it cooler by exhausting the air. You can also use the hot air to preheat the resins. The following details the benefits of the TCS

Save Up to 70% on Energy Cost

The Milacron TCS™ heater’s high radiant energy release from the exposed element directs all of the heat into the barrel. Complete Barrel coverage assures that the heat is contained, heating your barrel faster with up to 70% less energy. With today’s electricity rates, the TCS system will substantially reduce your energy bills and pay for itself many times over!

Faster Response Time 

Unlike Ceramic band, aluminum finned cast and water cooled heaters that must first heat themselves before conducting heat into the barrels, The Milacron TCS™ heaters transfer heat immediately giving you faster response times. We have demonstrated up to 55% faster heat up time, which translates directly to increased productivity.

Maintenance Free Cooling

The Milacron TCS™ system has a unique air-cooling system that utilizes a specially designed blower encased in a sound absorbing housing. This quiet system draws ambient air directly across the barrel and underneath the heater giving instant cooling. The blowers are designed for start/stop operations and durability. Unlike water-cooling where corrosion is an issue, this cooling system will give you years of maintenance free operation saving you significant $$$ in maintenance cost.

Faster & more effective air cooling directly on the barrel. Do not have to cool the band heaters or aluminum clamshells first. Does not depend on maintaining good barrel contact to conduct heat away from barrel.


High Radiant Energy release from exposed element permits much faster heat up and response time than conductive type band heaters. Does not depend on maintaining good barrel contact to conduct heat to the barrel.

Additional Information on This System  At The Milacron Pages on this Site, or Contact Us


Contact PMI (Green) for Details on Getting More Green To Your Bottom Line

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