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TMC Injection Machine

Clamping Unit

o Four clamp close speeds and pressure settings

o Three clamp open speeds and pressure settings

o Mold protection function

o Clamp pre-decompression function

o Two ejector advance speeds and pressure, one ejector retract speed and pressure

o Multiple hydraulic ejector stroke

o Ejector shaking function

o Ejector stay forward function

o JIS, EUROMAP, or SPI pattern of platen and ejector holes

o Automatic mold height adjustment function

o Hydraulic mold height adjustment is driven by planetary gear system

o Automatic clamping force setting function

o Mold height jog adjustment function

o Large heavy-duty square platens

o Adjustable bronze support shoes under moving platen

o Oil-less bushings on moving platen

o Reliable five-point toggle mechanism with hardened steel pins and bushings

o Automatic centralized high-pressure lubrication system with low oil level alarm

o Air blast on moving platen

o Three-way product conveying designed frame (120E & up)

o Triple clamp safety devices (mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic)

o Linear displacement transducer controlling clamping

o Linear displacement transducer controlling ejection

Control Unit

o Easy maintenance Modular Control System

o TFT color screen display (TM5)

o Tri-language screens (selectable)

o Real time clock

o Cycle time and shot counter display

o Production ending time display

o Packing number setting function

o Good and bad part counter monitor

o Mold cavity number setting

o Automatic holding transfer position setting

o Statistic process control (SPC)

o signals

o Alarm code indication with troubleshooting

o Alarm recording screens

o Parameter change recording screens

o Maintenance recording screens

o System self-diagnostic function

o Internal and external input/output monitor

o 72 mold data sets (internal: 36 sets, external: 36 sets)

o Power-on status (hour meter)

o Printer connection function

o RS232 Interface port

o Emergency stop button at front and rear side of machine

Injection Unit

o Nine injection pressure and nine injection speeds

o Five holding pressure settings

o Pressure / speed control with step and slop function

o Precision cushion control

o Injection closed loop control

o Injection speed/pressure actual value curve display

o Three screw rotating speed/pressure and display on screen

o Gas vent function

o Three charge back pressure control

o Charge actual back pressure value display

o Automatic carriage movement (independent advance and retract pressure, two advance speeds and one retract speed)

o Pre-suck back function (before charge)

o Suck back function (after charge)

o Intrusion function

o One touch charge function

o Automatic purge function

o PID temperature control

o Independent high/low temperature setting

o Heating status display

o Heater cut-off temperature setting

o Cold start prevention function

o Hydraulic oil temperature monitor

o Cooling collar temperature monitor

o Cabinet temperature display

o Temperature keeping percentage setting

o Early heating function (independent on/off time setting for each day)

o Alarm for heater turn-off function

o Nitrided screw/barrel (driven by hydraulic motor)

o Double carriage movement cylinders

o Linear displacement transducer controlling injection

o Linear displacement transducer controlling carriage

Hydraulic System

o Energy saving hydraulic circuit (200E & up)

o First hydraulic corepull device

o Independent core in/out speed and pressure

o Core pull is started by arbitrary clamping position setting

o Core pull in/out position is identified by limit switch, time and counter

o Collapsible core function (ejector advance → core in → core out → ejector retract)

o Pressure core function

o Valve gate control function

o Hydraulic unscrewing sequence

o Low system oil level alarm

o High system oil level alarm

o Water control valve for heat exchanger

o System pressure gauge

o Injection back pressure gauge

o Suction line oil filter with magnet & clogged detection

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Specifications for All TMC America Machines - Click To Access Pages

 TMC of America Warranty Program and USA Price List - Click To Access Page

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