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Seal Bars
Watlow offers a broad range of heaters from traditional to the thermally optimized thick film that deliver fast start up times and temperature uniformity.
  • Form, fill and seal machines
  • Bag and pouch making machines
  • Fill and seal machines
  • Heat sealing machines
  • Skin blister packaging machines


Seal Dies
Watlow's family of quality seal die heaters offers final secure seals for product safety and consistency.
  • Cup and tray sealing machines
  • Form, fill and seal machines
  • Closing machines- foil sealing

Adhesive Heating & Dispensing
For consistent temperatures and rapid start-ups, turn to Watlow's selection of heaters for adhesive heating and dispensing applications.

  • Hot glue melt equipment
  • Cartoning machines
  • Closing machines
  • Labeling machines

Shrink Tunnels & Ovens
Watlow's variety of heaters helps increase product quality.

  • Shrink film and heat sealing equipment
  • Shrink labeling machines
  • Tamper evident seals and bands

Hot Air Sealing & Drying
Watlow's range of heaters provide quality and consistency ideal for hot air sealing and drying applications.

  • Labeling machines
  • Wrapping machines

Heated Hole Punches
For product consistency, turn to Watlow's selection of heaters.

  • Heated hole punch equipment
  Cable Cartridge Cast-In IFC Radiant Thick Film Tubular
Seal Bars              
Seal Dies              
Adhesive Heating & Dispensing              
Shrink Tunnels & Ovens              
Hot Air Sealing & Drying              
Heated Hole Punches              
Application Benefits for Packaging Heater Solutions
Cable Heaters
  • Highly flexible geometries for heat optimized distribution
  • Small diameters for heating small spaces

Cartridge Heaters

  • Standard forms and sizes for convenient design incorporation
  • High watt density at an economical price
  • Easy service replacement

Cast-In Heaters

  • Integral tubular or cable element
  • Sealed construction for durability and safety

IFC Heaters

  • Tubular heaters compression pressed in the part
  • Better thermal transfer and efficiency than milled-groove options
  • Parts can be thermally optimized via finite element analysis

Radiant Heaters

  • High emissivity substrates for radiant efficiency
  • Customizable forms for application optimization

Thick Film Heaters

  • Low thermal mass - responsive and efficient pulse heating
  • Highest heat delivery flexibility and optimize precision
  • System simplification through "heated part"

Tubular Heaters

  • Bend-to-shape flexibility
  • Can be used for conductive and radiant heating
  • High watt density at an economical price