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The short story of Power Modules, or PMIHeat Just A bit about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Energy Star
PowerModules Inc. is an energy Star Partner, and this page plus the links to and from it, explain why that should matter to you.

We want you to be able to get in touch, so you'll find links to this page spread all through the site.

Here you find the phones, the emails, and the of the folks in Power modules who can be of service

Conzerv Power Meters and Measurement Systems
A valued supplier who offers power meters, energy conservation suggestions, and the important item: factual information on the cost of energy where your bottom line is..

  Radiant Optics Spot Heating Systems
Got a cold spot inside, outside, at the factory, or in the warehouse? Radiant Optics Radiant Spot Heating Systems will warm it right up, and with their energy saving products, you will warm up to them as well.

Watlow Electric - Heaters, Controls, Sensors, Systems
If it involves process heating in any form, Watlow Electric and PMI have got it covered. Heaters, Controls, Sensors, Wire, Custom Systems, and innovative process control solutions are just the beginning.

Information Links
Internet connections to vendors, sources, us, and organizations who are PMI partners, associates, and sometimes just organizations we think you should get to know better

Current events, announcements of happenings at PMI, and the occasional bit of industry news that may not be about us particularly, but that we thought you'd like to know..

Photo Gallery
PICs of products, projects, PMI people, perhaps the photos from the last Christmas party.

What we're releasing to the press, what they might be saying about us, or what they're saying about friends and competitors.

The Power Modules essential product line card, with links to other products that may not yet be fully integrated into the system,

PMI Plastics
PMI does Plastics in a big way. this gateway page introduces the tip of a very special iceberg. PMI supplies all the conventional heating and temperature control type items, plus tooling, primary equipment, design and consulting services. If it is in any way related to Plastic Processing, we are involved, and we can save you money.

 Power Modules does service. We have 35 years in business as a solutions provider, component distributor, panel and systems designer Company. We've recently added energy efficiency survey capabilities, and as an Energy Star company, can point your organization toward a tremendous variety of products that will COST YOU NOTHING, because the purchase price is recovered in energy savings over the life of the product.



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