SCADA Software – Full Integration or Just Data Logging?


With the new levels of regulations and requirements for process verification being experienced by manufacturers, SCADA seems to be the up-and-coming new administrative tool. With properly integrated SCADA systems, processors can collect and retain operating conditions data for proof of process, and identify to within a span of just a few seconds any deviation from required settings to isolate by real-time datalogging, if there is an issue, precisely when and for how long the issue existed. Proper SCADA data logging eliminates the need to physically inspect thousands of individual items produced, allowing elimination of defects based on date/hour/minute/second any questionable product was made. PMI can supply the software and systems needed for this level of accountability, Typically pays for itself in recovery from just one incident. Here’s a flyer from PMI detailing the product. Mouse to the document and click to enlarge to a readable size.

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