Specview – The Best Transition From Watview


We’ve all enjoyed the fine Watview software from Watlow over many years of use. Now that the latest round of new O/S software is taking hold, many of us are faced with the need to move away from the old standard toward new software that is compatible with the new O/S’s and newer performance standards for SCADA software in general. Our recommendation for the newer win 7 and Win 8 is Specview, a software package endorsed and distributed by Watlow for the newer installations and upgrades. PMI has extensive experience with Specview software customization, and its integration into new or upgraded control panels using Watlow’s newest line of controllers, the EZ-Zone PM and RM. PMI has even done new systems using Specview with Watlow’s F4 Series controllers, with great success. If you need all the power of your old Watview software, plus the additional versatility, data logging, and SCADA features of Specview, we can design a fully integrated suite of instrumentation and software tailored to your exact needs.

We’ve attached a flyer below with some further information. Mouse to the flyer and click to enlarge the page for easier reading. Let us know what your thoughts are concerning this new product. Remember, PMI has extensive experience customizing this software to the needs of process heating Companies, No need to waste time in the transition. We can have software built to your exact needs in as little as 5 business days.

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