Watlow’s EZ Zone Controllers – New Tech, New Capabilities


The Watlow EZ-Zone Series of controllers are probably the best kept secret in the process heating community. These devices are conformable to a degree not seen before, having capabilities far beyond simple temperature control. Multifunctional, with inputs and outputs capable of being connected and functions altered through software supplied free with each instrument. Sense heat, pressure, humidity, motion, or any other input that has a measurable signal. Configure outputs to heat or cool, perform sequences of functions based on inputs received, turn on alarms, run a heating or cooling profile or report heating load amps or motor speeds. All with “Temperature Controllers” that can cost less than $200.00. Contact us to discuss just what can be within your control when working with Watlow and PMI’s Solutions Team.

Flyer below is a summary of the most frequently used functions. Mouse on the flyer and click to enlarge to a more readable size. Contact PMI for in-depth discuss高仿Chanel

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