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SCADA: "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition" Software and Systems

Generally available only from the largest and most expensive of the industrial software sources, SCADA is rapidly becoming the "must have" solution to industrial control and documentation across a wide spectrum of manufacturing Companies. Happily in the process heating part of manufacturing, where gas or electric heat is used to produce finished goods, there is an alternative.

Specview SCADA software bills itself as  "SCADA software for people with other jobs to do."  Indeed, should you need a full-bore data logging PLUS supervision and control package, Specview as customized for you by PMI will put you far ahead of the other available software/hardware systems and cost much less, typically delivering a client-specific solution for half the cost of others.

We can provide a turn-key solution with complete new control panels, temperature controllers, and all heat power switching controls with touch panel industrial PC to completely replace your old hardware, or just the custom software if your current controls are still viable and have communications capability.  We use Watlow Controls exclusively on new systems, to assure top performance.

From limited infrastructure restoration retaining some of your old hardware to full conversion to current technology, Power Modules can deliver your new SCADA systems quickly, at reasonable cost, and best of all, there will be  no need for extensive amounts of time spent on training, as the Specview/PMI customized software is created and installed by technicians who have gotten their expertise over years of manufacturing experience with all types of industrial controls. This is NOT our first rodeo.

PMI Advertising Flyer for PMI/Specview SCADA Software to Replace Obsolete Watview Software

Watview is Obsolete ! Upgrade to PMI-Specview Today !

PMI Advertising Flyer for Custom Data Logging or Full SCADA Systems

Datalog or Full SCADA PMI Specview or GL220

PMI Advertising Flyer for Custom Systems


Second PMI Advertising Flyer for Custom Systems


Specview PMI Customized Page for Extruder Monitoring

PMI Demo 12 zone Extruder Main Page 08-09-12

Specview PMI Customized Page for Extruder Monitoring - Showing Parameter Sub-Menu for Controller Setup

PMI Demo 12 zone Extruder Parameters Die 2 Page 08-09-12

Specview PMI Customized Page for Extruder Monitoring - Showing Sub Menu for Data Logging Setup

PMI Demo 12 zone Extruder Log Report Setup Page 08-09-12

Specview PMI Customized Page for Extruder Monitoring - Showing Typical Recipe (Process Parameters) Setup Page

PMI Demo 12 zone Extruder Recipe Saving Page 08-09-12

The preceding sample pages are typical of PMI/Specview customizations tailored to specific customer requirements.

PMI has done a large number of these client-specific packages for industry leading customers in manufacturing, ranging from multizone extruders and thermoformers to heat treat ovens and specialty medical laboratories, environmental testing services and biological experimentation facilities located throughout our geographical coverage area.

We welcome new challenges. Contact us with your most exacting requirements and prepare to be very pleased with the experience of working with the software customization professionals at PMI.

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