Who We Are

Engineering Solutions for your Simple and Complex Process Heating Applications Worldwide

Specialists in applying electric heaters and temperature controls to industrial processes. Our capabilities include the design, engineering, and fabrication of the latest radiant telemetry and microprocessor-based systems and controls. We supply a complete line of precision components and provide continuing services such as maintenance and repair, design and consulting related to the ongoing support of your process heating needs. Serving a variety of industries - plastics, petrochemical, food processing, semiconductors, automotive, metal fabrication, textiles, power transmission, energy management, packaging, and research and development.

- Application Specialists

Our sales engineers will assist you in selecting appropriate components. By choosing the proper wire and other equipment, you can be sure your applications will operate the first time. We are specialists in applying electric heaters and temperature controls. Through PMI, clients have access to a complete line of heaters and temperature controls and also many other related components produced by a leading manufacturer.

- Design, Engineering and Fabrication

Power Modules has over 150 years of combined staff experience in technical disciplines such as mechanical and electrical engineering, and plant manufacturing. This enables us to stay current with process heating applications and to provide the expertise necessary to give clients the correct systems and control. We manufacture our own components - from small control panels to large ovens - for end users and OEM manufacturers. Our system design capabilities are available anywhere in the world.

- Component Supply and Inventory

PMI carries one of the most complete inventories of precision components. For example, we stock the largest inventory of heating products on the East Coast such as Temperature Controls, High-Temperature Wire, SCR Fuses & Fuse Holders, High-Temperature Electrical Connection Devices and other Specialty Components. We provide a custom inventory service for clients requiring special parts. Our inventory goal is to minimize costly downtime for client process heating systems.



- PMI Consulting Services

Let Power Modules use its Consulting Services and problem-solving expertise to match Process Heating Systems and Controls to your specific manufacturing requirements. Our consulting team will work with you to develop a new process. Maximize your process up-time with competitive pricing and our consulting similar and all important value-added quality.


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