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Watlow PM-Plus Controllers Provide New Technology, Enhanced Features

Watlow EZ-Link Software Brings Bluetooth Communications to the Factory Floor Watlow Composer and EZ-Zone Configurator Software Allow Fast Setups For More Information on PM-Plus and Specview Software Integration By PMI, Please Download the Presentation Below: For a Quick Video About the New PM-Plus, Click the Link Below:

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Watlow’s EZ Zone Controllers – New Tech, New Capabilities

The Watlow EZ-Zone Series of controllers are probably the best kept secret in the process heating community. These devices are conformable to a degree not seen before, having capabilities far beyond simple temperature control. Multifunctional, with inputs and outputs capable of being connected and functions altered through software supplied free with each instrument. Sense heat,…

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Watlow F4T and PMI System Integration – Best of Both Worlds

Watlow’s new F4T Temperature/Process Controller is a major step forward in temperature control instruments. This is a device that can include up to four individual control zones in a single instrument, and have two additional function sets at the same time, which could give you four zones of control plus two High Limit control zones…

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Watlow and PMI – Over 30 Years of Excellence

PMI has been a Watlow Distributor practicaly from the founding of the Company in 1973. As an Authorized Distributor and Solutions Provider we have had ample opportunity to be convinced that there is no better source for process heating hardware than Watlow Electric. World Class in every way. We’ve put up a couple animations below…

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Virtual Stock Room by PMI

How often do you go to the parts storage room needing a critical part, only to find the heater, controller, or thermocouple you need has been used but not replaced? Did the missing part shut your process down, or just cause everyone lost time scrambling for a substitute? How much does this kind of problem…

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Unitherm International and PMI

Looking to reduce your operating costs and improve workplace safety while improving your “Green” image? Unitherm insulation systems deliver the trifecta every day! Energy cost reduction for plastic industry operations such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and blown film processing up to 74%, with the added benefit of reduced carbon footprint, as well as…

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Specview – The Best Transition From Watview

We’ve all enjoyed the fine Watview software from Watlow over many years of use. Now that the latest round of new O/S software is taking hold, many of us are faced with the need to move away from the old standard toward new software that is compatible with the new O/S’s and newer performance standards…

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SCADA Software – Full Integration or Just Data Logging?

With the new levels of regulations and requirements for process verification being experienced by manufacturers, SCADA seems to be the up-and-coming new administrative tool. With properly integrated SCADA systems, processors can collect and retain operating conditions data for proof of process, and identify to within a span of just a few seconds any deviation from…

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PMI Power Notes – Radiant Heating White Paper

PMI has published a series of white pages over the years, some of which were tagged as “PMI Power Notes” when they were formalized and published as handouts or added to our Website as educational features. The one appended below is focussed on Radiant Heating, and contains some insights and practical data that still has…

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