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How often do you go to the parts storage room needing a critical part, only to find the heater, controller, or thermocouple you need has been used but not replaced? Did the missing part shut your process down, or just cause everyone lost time scrambling for a substitute? How much does this kind of problem cost you in a year, incuding downtime, cost to ship parts next day, the labor cost finding another part, and on and on? If you were enrolled in the PMI Virtual Storeroom Program, none of these costs would apply.

With PMI-VSP, we make sure your critical parts are on the shelf and ready to install, and when the parts you need today are taken out to be used, we’ll have replacements on the way within no more than 5 working days to replenish your storeroom stock.. We’ll work with you to establish the usage rates of consumable parts, and the minimum on-hand requirements for all components we supply, and establish a plan of inventory replenishment that will assure you minimum downtime and maximum repair parts availability. Contact PMI and request one of our inventory specialists to evaluate your situation and recommend an appropriate PMI-VSP solution.

The PMI-VSP program works on the basis of an annual blanket order for critical items, and a partial payment for minimum parts needed as physical inventory, with scheduled replenishment on a programmed basis agreed upon by your Company and PMI. Record keeping and scheduling of replenishment shipments are handled by PMI at no charge.

Kind of like having a warehouse this big, that takes up no space and has no cost to you…

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